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Tecedeira (EN)

Tecedeira - jewellery and accessories on the tip of a needle


Welcome to Tecedeira's page. We are from Portugal and Tecedeira is a Portuguese word that means "the weaver". Tecedeira is the first creative line we are launching in the boutique.

Tecedeira® brand and the domain Tecedeira.pt are the result of a family project devoted to the creation and marketing of handmade artisan needle crafted jewellery and accessories (lace, macramé, patchwork and other needle arts using wire and textile). We create little treasures.

Our production is very limited and exclusive. We don't conduct this activity purely for commercial reasons, but also as a form of expression and artistic creation.

Using the traditional needlework techniques applied to many different materials, we engage in the creation of jewellery and accessories with many themes and inspirations and a special bridal collection as well. All our pieces are handcrafted, making each piece unique, even when the patterns are similar. However, along with "Our Classics" collection, we also create special limited editions and one of a kind pieces for all those looking for truly original and special items. All Tecedeira's articles, regardless of their editions, include their own packaging. So, all jewellery pieces have their own box, attractive and refined, and are accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity.

Regarding the materials we use, quality dictates our choice: despite their extreme beauty and delicacy, the materials we prefer are also very strong and durable. Our choice is also guided by our concern with safety. In this area, for your safety and for your information on the materials used in our jewellery, we provide a complete description and clear information with each item. We also create a specific range of nickel-free products.

Given the nature of our motivation and work, we don't produce in large quantities or for resale. Therefore, our creations can only be purchased online at the boutique Paginario.pt. At the present time, our pieces are intended solely to the final consumer and can only be bought on this site. For the moment, the size of our team, our volume and rate of production do not allow us to respond to other kind of requests.

If you wish to learn more about our boutique, please consult the selling conditions for more information on our catalog, guarantees, etc.. Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Thank you very much for your visit. 



To ensure the quality and safety of our jewelry and accessories, we carefully select quality materials to work with and which contribute to the beauty, the delicacy and the durability of each pieceExcellence dictates our choice in all components, even the simplest, so our pieces can wear out evenly and maintain their charm over time. Learn about the materials used in Tecedeira® creations:

Non-tarnish polyurethane coated copper wire

This is our favorite wire. It is the foundation of the Tecedeira® creations. Copper is such a wonderful metal. Unique. It is soft, resistant, durable, beautiful. Many physical and metaphysical properties are attributed to copper. Some even prefer it to gold. Our preference is due to its versatility and suitability to be used in traditional needlecrafts. These features combined with the available colour palette lead to endless creative possibilities.

Beyond its suitability to needlecrafts, the fact that the wire we use is coated with polyurethane also has the advantage of staying beautiful and unchanged for a very long time, especially if it is handled with care and the coating is properly preserved. This coating protects the wire from the natural oxidation of the metal, preserving it bright and new.

Japanese seed beads

We can demand excellence even in a small seed bead. In this matter there is no equal to the Japanese seed beads that are part of our materials' selection. The quality of Japanese seed beads is largely recognized. They manufacture seed beads with high quality glass, very durable, uniform and consistent in brightness, colours and shapes, cut with precision and well finished. Here too we let ourselves be seduced by the vast palette of colours and glows. And once again also by the durability.

The Artist Statement

We are handcrafters. We listen to the whispers of the hands and of the soul and we let life inspire us. We let ourselves be guided by instinct and by the joy of handwork.

We create jewellery. We create accessories. We create treasures. That is our language. And enchantment is our goal.

We are captivated by the beauty, the delicacy, the elegance and the versatility of traditional needlework, lace in particular, but not solely. Traditional needlework arts are precious. To reinvent them became our passion. Thus, each piece becomes a jewel. A jewel that is defined by the love we devote to its creation. A jewel that praises the legacy that generations of women have perfected over centuries. Laboriously and patiently. By candlelight and lamps. On long winter nights. A jewel that is our homage to all that creativity and sensibility and to the women who gave us such knowledge and such way of feeling.

We are also seduced by materials. The sparkling brightness and captivating colours of threads, copper wire, beadssemi-precious stones, pearls and seed beads turn out to be an irresistible temptation.

We are inspired by Life, by Nature and by Art. Hence comes the audacity to try unexpected colour palettes and surprising contrasts and textures.

This is the adventure that for many reasons we have decided to undertake. We are just beginning. We hope you will enjoy, you will be enchanted ... and you will accompany us on this journey.